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A Springtime Festival of Peeps
Jelly Belly Online
The official homepage of the world's yummiest jelly beans!
Hershey's Homepage
Pez Links
A list of what appears to be every Pez link known to man...
Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, here's a whole page about Neccos!
Candy USA Homepage
It's Candy Time!
Willy Wonka's Homepage
Click on the Golden Ticket to Enter
The Unofficial Marshmallow Peeps Page
More Peeps!!!

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Some Really Weird Candy Links..

Candy That Has No Reason To Exist
Candy Corn: Your Friend and Mine
A brief history of the American candy bar...
English Toffee...Who Cooked That Up?
Stupid Candy
Welcome to Fluff

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